Trees – Nature’s Birdhouses & Buffets

Trees and shrubs add much more than shade and curb appeal to our property. Planting a mighty Oak or a vibrant Red Maple creates a natural habitat for a vast variety of wild birds. Oak trees host over 500 species of caterpillars, while Maples boast over 300 known species.

Warblers, Tanagers and other insect loving wild birds feast on these smorgasbords of beetles and caterpillars. In the fall, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Nuthatches and Tufted Titmice forage for acorns. Flowering Dogwood’s fall berries offer a rich source of protein for migratory birds. American Holly berries provide winter food.

Red Tanager In Tree Nature's Birdhouses

Trees provide nesting spots and shelter

Oak trees with their natural nooks, cavities and dense foliage are popular nesting spots. The sheltering habitat of the Eastern Red Cedar provides protection for wild birds during inclement weather. The dense evergreen interior of American Holly offers a safe, dry home for a wide variety of birds.

While we beautify our yards, we are protecting and feeding the song birds that have lived in harmony with them for millennia.