Tree Transplanting Services

Tidewater Tree TransplantersSince 1986, Tidewater Trees has been the leading transplanter of large shrubs and trees in the Hampton Roads area. With tree spades capable of moving 50-year-old camellias or a 40 foot tall Oak tree that has outgrown its space, revamping any landscape is a possibility.

Tree transplanting is something that is best handled by a qualified professional. Making sure the job is done properly helps to assure that the transplant will thrive in its new home.

Every property is unique, and we know that is can be an overwhelming task to find the perfect tree and other plantings. At Tidewater Trees, we are trained professionals in the art of tree care. Planting, or transplanting, a new tree comes with the situation of needing to pick the right tree and put it in the right location in your yard, to know how big to dig the hole to prepare for the planting, what time of the year is best to plant/transplant the tree, and how to care for your new tree.

Tree Transplanter Tree Transplanting ServiceAt Tidewater Trees, not only do we have the proper equipment and expertise to get the job done but we also help you find the best tree for your situation. If you are looking for the best trees to plant near your home, trees that will block the wind, or the best trees that can tolerate drought, we will suggest the best solutions to achieve your goals and to complement your landscape.

If you are looking for a someone to transplant a tree, Tidewater Trees can help! Send us a message online or give us a call at (757) 426-6002 and let’s get started!

If, instead, you are looking to beautify your entire landscape, we also offer expanded services for professional landscape design planning and consultation. Learn more about our professional landscaping services!