Ulmus Parvifolia “Emer II Allee” – Allee Elm

Allee Elm

Ulmus parvifolia “Emer II Allee”

Plant Type: Deciduous broadleaf large tree

Habit: Upright; straight trunk; rounded canopy with arching branches

Mature Size: 60’-70’ tall; 35’-55’ wide

Growth Rate: Moderate to fast

Zones: 4-9

Foliage: Bright green, ovate leaves with serrate margins; bright yellow in fall

Requirements: Adapts to most moist soil types; full sun

Landscape Characteristics: Large native American shade tree. Residential and commercial. Excellent choice for lawn, shade or street tree. Excellent resistance to Dutch elm disease, elm leaf beetles and Japanese beetles. Tolerates urban pollutants.


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