Celtis laevigata – Southern Hackberry – Sugarberry

Southern Hackberry – Sugarberry

Celtis laevigata

Plant Type: Deciduous, broadleaf, large shade tree

Habit: Upright, arching branches, rounded crown

Mature Size: 70′-80’ tall; 60’-80’ wide

Growth Rate: Moderate

Zones: 6-9

Foliage: Light green ovate, rough textured leaves

Fruit: Produces a small orange, sweet tasting fruit in the fall

Requirements: Tolerates most soils, drought and salt; part-full sun

Landscape Characteristics: Adaptable, versatile native American tree. Tough shade tree or street tree. Seed fruit attracts birds and wildlife. Best planted away from sidewalks or patios, as seeds pose clean-up challenges. Tolerates wind and urban pollutants, moderate salt tolerance.

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