Betula nigra – “Dura Heat” River Birch

“Dura Heat” River Birch

Betula nigra

Plant Type: Deciduous, broadleaf, large tree

Habit: Upright, open oval. May be multi-stemmed

Mature Size: 40-50’ tall; 25-35’ wide

Growth Rate: Moderate to fast

Zones: 4-9

Foliage: Medium to dark green; shades of yellow in fall

Requirements: Well drained, moist soil, part to full sun; tolerant of moist sites. Low tolerance to drought and salt.

Landscape Characteristics: Specimen tree. Lawns, parks, buffer areas. Mature bark exfoliating in large papery sheets provides winter interest. Thick leaves of ‘Dura-Heat’ makes this cultivar less prone to leaf drop during summer drought.


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