Ulmus Parvifolia “Everclear” BSNUPF – Everclear Lacebark Elm

Everclear Lacebark Elm

Ulmus parvifolia “Everclear” BSNUPF

Plant Type: Deciduous broadleaf large tree

Habit: Upright; tight & narrow; grows taller than wide

Mature Size: 40’ tall; 25’ wide

Growth Rate: Moderate Zones: 5-9

Foliage: Small, tough, dark green; yellow to yellow-brown in fall

Requirements: Adapts to most soil types; full sun

Landscape Characteristics: Large shade tree. Residential, commercial and coastal landscapes. Excellent street tree. Exfoliating patchwork of colored bark. Tough urban tree; tolerates heat, drought, salt spray and urban pollutants.


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