Loropetalum Chinenese F. Rubrum – Zhuzhou Fuchsia Fringe Flower

Zhuzhou Fuchsia Fringe Flower

Loropetalum Chinense f. rubrum

Plant Type: Evergreen broadleaf medium to large shrub

Habit: Upright arching; informal

Mature Size: 8’-12’ tall; 10’-12’ wide

Growth Rate: Fast

Zones: 7-9

Foliage: Maroon

Flower: Deep pink flower clusters bloom in mid-spring

Requirements: Adapts to most soil types; part shade to full sun

Landscape Characteristics: Maroon foliage, pink peeling bark when mature. Interesting accent plant. Striking color when paired with chartreuse companion plants. Plant multiples to form an informal hedge. Residential or commercial landscapes.


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