Ilex X Attenuatta – “Savannah” Holly

“Savannah” Holly

Illex x atenuatta

Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen

Habit: Narrow, columnar to open pyramidal form

Mature Size: 10’-20’ tall; 8’-15’ wide

Growth Rate: Moderate to rapid

Zones: 6-9

Foliage: Spiny, dull, dark green leaves with wavy margins; accented in fall and winter with heavy clusters of red berries

Requirements: Acidic, well drained, medium moisture; full sun to part shade

Landscape Characteristics: Used as hedge or screen. Best fruit production occurs in full sun but plants appreciate some part afternoon shade in hot summer climates. Best sited in locations protected from cold winter winds. Prune in winter if needed. Avoid poorly drained soils.


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